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MahJongCon, derived from the term 'mahjong connect,' is an engaging puzzle game that promises to give your brain a fantastic workout. Whether you prefer spelling it as "mahjong" or "mahjongg," this timeless Chinese single-player board game has consistently challenged players for well over a decade.

Immerse yourself in vibrant graphics and an entertaining soundtrack that blends traditional melodies with modern flourishes.

Interested in how to play MahJongCon? It's quite simple:

Connect Matching Tiles: Your goal is to clear the board by connecting matching tiles.

Identify Playable Tiles: Search for tiles that are free on the right or left side and not obstructed, either wholly or partially, by any other tile.

Select and Match: Pick one tile and then locate another tile with an identical image.

Matching Rules: Tiles can only be matched if the line connecting them makes no more than two 90-degree (right-angled) bends. The line must not pass through any other tiles but must navigate around them. An exception is made for two identical tiles placed directly next to each other; they can be linked to create a 'meld.'

Vanishing Tiles: Once tiles are successfully matched, they will disappear from the board. In some levels, tiles remain stationary, while in others, they slide up, down, or to the sides to fill empty spaces.

Now, let's talk about time limits and difficulty:

Time Management: You need to create melds quickly before the time on the bar at the bottom of the screen runs out. Initially, you have ample time, and creating melds restores a generous portion of time as well.

Progressive Challenge: Across 12 levels, time becomes scarcer as you advance. In later, more challenging levels, you receive less time for melds. Moreover, unique tiles are introduced, making it increasingly difficult to complete all the melds on time.

Here are some handy tips and tricks to excel at MahJongCon:

Hints: If you ever get stuck, you have a limited number of hints at your disposal. You'll earn an extra hint for each level you complete, so try to save them for the later, more time-pressured stages.
Concerning game controls, use the mouse or your finger on touchscreen devices to tap and select the tiles.

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As for the origins of MahJongCon, it was initially created by Front Network as a Flash game. This faithful HTML5 remake was crafted by Azerion.

The Flash version of this game made its debut in May 2009, while Azerion's HTML5 version was released in April 2017. Enjoy your MahJongCon journey!





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